Pest Control Services Around Gainesville, GA

It's time to start Getting Rid of unwanted pests!

With a large variety of available products and services, we can certainly help get rid of unwanted critters.

Pests that need the help of a pest control company in Gainesville, GA
Termite Treatment

Termites are a huge problem in North Georgia, and if you do not have them yet, chances are you will soon. We can treat for termites utilizing a liquid soil treatment, termite baiting system, or combination of both.

Pest Control

We can help with mice, rats, ants, scorpions, roaches, spiders and more. Trapping and treating are common ways to prevent unwanted pests from crawling around your house.

Wildlife Service

If you have a problem with squirrels, bats, groundhogs, and more, we can take care of them by trapping them and sealing their entry so they can not get back into your house.

Selling your Home?

If you are selling your home and need a termite letter, we are happy to come out for a free inspection and treatment estimate. If you are an existing termite customer, we issue termite letters free of charge.

Why Duncan?

We know there are a plethora of pest control companies around, but not all companies are the same.

  • Experience: Our technicians have years of experience and know exactly what they are doing. All new employees train with more experienced technicians, undergo classroom training, and pass a written, state mandated, exam. You can therefore rest assured that your Duncan representative is well prepared to take care of your pest problems.
  • Reputation: We have been awarded Best of Dawson & Best of Hall on many occasions
  • Smaller Company: Although we may be smaller than some other companies, we are the perfect size to give personalized attention to each home.